Work Efficiency – Are Employees Really Overworked?

The Statlook system’s unique function is tracking the company’s computer usage mode. A wide range of cross-sectional reports illustrates the users’ activities in each period of time and in the context of used software. By means of the Statlook system you can practically control all employee activity, beginning from the registration of Internet site visits, through the usage of each application and documents opened statistics, control of software installed, as far as the ability to view the screenshot and counting the keystroke rate.

Miscellaneous reports present very clearly which applications were used most often as well as which of them and for how long were in the foreground. On one hand, it allows you to assess the applicability of software installed, and on the other hand it may be the basis for assessment of employee commitment in completing his tasks.

Statlook then combines two functions: it allows you to use your application licenses rationally and significantly enhances office labor efficiency.

Normally, the first tangible results can be noticed right after the implementation of Statlook. The employees’ awareness of the presence of the Statlook system on their computers is enough to obtain measurable effects within a very short period of time. Many non-productive activities will be reduced drastically as soon as Statlook is installed.

Due to its reasonable price, universal appeal and operating ease, Statlook gains popularity in Europe and the United States. The number of the companies that apply this tool exceed 5000 at present.

An internationally operating company A plus C Systems is now creating its authorized partner system. Negotiations are conducted with several leading IT companies, among which are software resellers, network integrators, and hardware providers. They are engaged in implementing safety procedures as well as Software Asset Management. By the end of the year, A plus C Systems intends to gain 50 partners all over the world, offering them very good business conditions as well as full technical and commercial support.

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