Activity based learning means that the instructor incorporates activities in teaching to make students learn at an easily way.
Would you like to improve your skills and knowledge, but don’t have the time or budget for travel? You can do that through our online courses. We have lots of courses for different specializations like Business administration, Arbitration and diplomacy.
The main aim of our institute is improving our participator to achieve their goals in life.


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There’s nothing called I cannot

My experience with BI proved that I can be excellent in the practical life .

Daniel R

Getting Promoted

Training with BI was my first step before getting promoted

John T

Practical Education

I have enjoyed my education with BI as it was totally practical

Sam J

Our education is not enough

With BI I have learnt that our education is not enough

Tid S

Full of Activities

My program was full of activities and I decided to teach my daughter what I have learnt in management.

George M

I’m in the right place

I was confused when I first contacted, but after getting their reply that I can join several courses that was related to my skill ,I felt that I’m in the right place.

Mary A

Startup with fixed profit

After a year of trying to enjoy my work I discovered that I was another person different than who I’m . I thought that money can make me happy so finally I decided to quit and leave my work that made a plastic person and started my project .
I started with BI and now my startup have fixed profit after 7 months.

David P

The Youngest Expert

I realized that I can be the youngest expert in my field after studying with BI

James A


I had my new network so BI wasn’t only a platform for technical courses it was a community of development.

Kari J

The right direction

It is easy to find a way but it is not easy to find someone who guides you to the right direction.

Colin A

Obstacles are created to be broken

With BI I discovered that obstacles are created to be broken.

Martha D

Learn how to learn

When you learn how to learn ,you can be anything you want and that‘s why I chose BI.

Christy J


You empowered me to be the best woman I could be.

Julia A

My own business

Now I have my own business, Thank you for your effort.

Mark D

I found my path

Finally I found my path, Thank you for support.

Kristopher I

Starting my own business

I got the guts to quit my job which led to me starting my own business because of your courses.

Dietiker L

Creative play

BI makes education like a creative play.

Chriss W


I spent years searching for what you provides.

Ryan L

Practical life

Thank you for saving my practical life.

Richard T

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