Time And Attendance Software

Time clocks have long been a key factor for businesses in keeping track of the hours their employees work. Way back, when time clocks first came into existence, it was the old fashion punch clock. Believe it or not people still use these trusty old things. This was a time when all record keeping was performed by hand. Unimaginable isn’t it? In this day in age, everything is simply done magically by electronics and smart computers. This includes keeping track of time and attendance for businesses.


Enter stage right, one fabulous piece of time and attendance software. This works to make life easier for businesses and its management. So much easier than the traditional punch clock. Everything is automated and it can be customized for your specific business needs and size. The beauty of time clock software is that it can keep track of a variety of key factors in your business and not simply the times your employees clock in and out of work each day.


While keeping track of when your employees clock in and out of work is important and still a very necessary step with regard to wages, businesses have come to rely on time and attendance software for a variety of other things as well. For example, the right time clock software will keep track of multiple areas, that are essential to large businesses that have a number of different buildings or floors in the buildings. A time and attendance software can determine the exact amount of time each employee is to be paid for, as well.


Choosing the right time clock software can also help you monitor overtime hours worked. This can help you determine if too many hours are being worked in your business and help to cut back on overtime hours. It can also help you in determining the hours spent on a specific project. This aids your business in knowing where the most time was spent, if it was spent properly and even bill clients on a time based project.


There is a variety of methods that allow the software to read the date and allows you to choose the method you prefer. For example, you could use a small plastic card that contains a magnetic strip or a bar code on the back for easy time punching for your employees. There is also a time and attendance software that will allow employees to enter a specific PIN number assigned to them for clock in and out times. Some software even goes as far as to read fingerprints, retinas or handprints to allow access to certain areas.


The options are limitless. Many of the different time clock software products that are available on the market today can be customized to fit the exact needs and wants of your particular business. With the right time and attendance software, any business can easily keep track of time worked, employee attendance, overtime worked, project hours and avoid errors in pay that will ultimately save the business money.


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