Team Building: How to Create a Dynamic and Successful Work Environment

Team building activities are essential if you want employees who know how to effectively and efficiently work together toward a common goal. At first, these activities may seem silly or you might wonder how they can contribute anything to your company. But the fact is, team building activities are set up to challenge a team and to sharpen communication and group skills.


For instance, one such team building activity is called the Artesian Well. In this game each team must maneuver a virus out of a certain area and into a new one, within set boundaries. Teams must plan ahead, communicate clearly and cooperate to be successful.


Team building events can be organized to span a few days or can take place on one scheduled date. Team building activities can also be integrated into other corporate events, such as meetings, training sessions and conferences, workshops and seminars, as a way to warm things up and get the ball rolling. Even at serious project meetings certain types of team building activities can be used to help the team begin the problem-solving process and incorporate new thinking styles into the meeting.


Team building activities that make use of games and quizzes will help spark new ideas and jumpstart any decision-making that needs to occur in order to get the job done, and get it done well.


When choosing a team building activity, select a game or event that will be fun for all involved, help your employees learn new skills or sharpen established ones, and most importantly, improve results.


There are other kinds of team building exercises as well, which differ from the usual choices but should be considered as options, especially if your team requires more than just a team building experience, but more of a team healing experience, so to speak. Sometimes a group of employees are just not working well together, and it may be due to other life stresses. In these cases, activities that a person would normally do after work might be appropriate, such as yoga, scheduled lunchtime relaxation classes, or a group bowling session.


In the end, as long as you examine your company’s particular needs and choose a team building activity that will work well with your employees you will achieve the results you desire.


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