Weekly Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned


I wanted to discuss some hard lessons I learned this week in hopes of helping others not make the same mistakes.  It was not a real bad week but it did pose some challenges that needed to be met!


The week started out with an add campaign.  Good way to start of. One should really have an understanding of how an auto responder works or it is pointless to use one.  About 5 days into my campaign I realize I am directing my prospects to the wrong email address!! You guessed it, no leads, no follow ups, waste of $300 +.  


Lesson learned:  Learn your auto responder, set it up, test your system and then send your adds.


My second project was creating an article and distributing the article.  This went ok until I realized I was only submitting 2/3’s of the article.  When I reviewed it I neglected to ensure it was all there. I would have had to scroll down to see the end.  I got in a hurry and or became complacent!! My mistake and a lot of time and effort down the tubes. I must apologize to all the editors who reviewed the article and to any readers that got started and could not finish it.  My sincere apologizes. I had some other directories reject the article due to spacing requirements of paragraphs.


Lesson learned:  Pay attention to what you are doing and take the time to do some QA (quality assurance).  Understand the terms and conditions for article submission!


Exchanging links with other sites is a sound business proposition that should be done at least each week if not everyday.  My link software went nuts for some reason and was unusable. I reviewed the manual and after careful study of my web panel I decided to get a free ftp download and attempt to fix it.  By the way what’s write permission and what do they mean by true? Only kidding, I know a little about them now! I followed the book and wouldn’t you know, it did not fix the problem? What to do now?  I sent an email to support, got impatient and re did the fix. I got to see my soft ware but could not use it. O.K. making progress! Oh, what is download file, fix and upload mean? It was the answer to my problem!


Lesson learned:  Trial and error. I got lucky and fixed the problem.  Stick with it and be patient. At least I know what to ask support for now.


Well that’s all for the Hard Knocks Knuckle Head this week.  Stay tuned for more humor.


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