The week in review

The week in review.


This has been a very enlightening and challenging week.  My daily routine is starting to form a pattern and pretty soon this network marketing thing is going to become second nature.  I know there are certain things that have to be done in order to be successful and they must be carried out each and every day.  How they get carried out and in what priority is a personal decision but they must get carried out.


Visiting forums, reviewing business offers, managing links and advertising,  tracking campaigns, article writing and submission. Let’s not forget website management, search engine submissions, prospecting and list building.  What about product reviews and development. We found a new product, we review it, get it into our sites, and begin marketing of said product. This in itself is a time consuming process but is definitely required if we are going to move forward with our business.


We must continually build our list, list. List!  No matter what organization you are affiliated with you must have customers!  One time visits are not going to sustain you very long so we must continually massage and build our client data base and try to achieve loyal and happy customers.  With out a customer base that is continually growing and expanding we are dead in the water. There is no real secret to building a client base we just have to remember that it takes time.  It will not happen over night but instead is a living, breathing organism that must be fed and nourished. In time we will have a huge data base of leads that will help us create a good income.   Lets face reality- we are in sales even though we call it network marketing. It might be affiliate programs, digital products or hard consumables. It may simply be information we are selling but we have to market and sell our selves don’t we?  No matter what we are doing on the internet we are all in sales one way or another and therefore must have a LIST. I think we have beat this one to death


Moving forward lets discuss a simple thing like visiting forums.  We visit forums in order to share information and experiences both positive and negative.  I am not talking about chat rooms. I am discussing business related forums like the Warrior forum.  This is the place I go to get free helpful information to run my business. I might even find a business partner or new product.  The possibilities are endless! I try to visit each and every day to see what is going on and to assist my fellow marketers if I can.  I do not go there just to submit responses that are worthless in order to let my signature file, small ad, be seen. That is not the purpose of business forums.  Submit responses only if it you have a valid and meaningful response. This is not the place to air out your laundry or mass market your business.


Working from home has its benefits but it also has its requirements just like any other business. It requires your time and commitments each and every business day!


Good luck with your home based business. Let us all have a great and prosperous week.


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