The Offer’s On The Table

In twentieth century America while young boys learned construction with Lincoln Logs, little girls instinctively cuddled a Raggedy Ann.  Even today Raggedy Ann’s red yarn hair, patched pinafore and button eyes offer images of another era as she celebrates her 90th birthday in museums and private collections.


But in 1958 Barbie was born.  All grown up and designed with fantasy.  This was no rag doll. Barbie’s hair was real and brush-able; her wardrobe generous and trendy.  The ‘Barbie’ figure was to become the ultimate achievement of the perfect body. Playing with Barbie during formative years, young girls have acted out all of their dreams.  


The new millennium brought new images for females.  Lifestyle issues changed the way the media influenced the female psyche and redefined some old messages about life, love and growing pains.  “Stay sweet” changed to “Be strong”. “Find the right man” changed to “Get your degree”. Careers in nursing were discouraged as parents pushed for Computer Science.


While professional women are up from 48% in 1993 to 50% today, they still hit a glass ceiling when it comes to the corporate pay scale.  Some would blame it on the more aggressive male who thinks nothing of asking for his pay raises. There is truth in that observation; women tend to let the high quality of their work speak for itself.  


Can white-collar females have successful relationships with blue-collar males?  Good question. Confucius once said, “Ignorance is a woman’s virtue”, but you won’t sell that idea in the twenty-first century.  Ironically%2oes to your trainee. Cutbacks eliminate your job. While this is not always the case, it happens often enough when considering life in the fast lane.  


There is another way.  Certainly not as glamorous but pulls in a six figure income without a resume or a business degree of any kind.  This is the best time to begin an online business.


Launch one today — you don’t have to make it all up from scratch.  There are first-class recipes out there! Do it because it’s still the likeliest, fastest, and best way to get rich.  Do it because of how universally accepted being an entrepreneur has become. Do it because it is a way out and a way through; think of the wake you’ll create!  


Do it because we’re not rookies anymore, because the risk-reward equation has flipped. Do it because there is something within you that is uniquely yours; you own it yet rarely acknowledge that it’s there.  The offer’s on the table! It’s time now to bring it out, give it a title and share it with others.




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