Portfolio Management – Let The Professionals Take The Load

Do you have a lot of shares in different companies?

Do you have a large sum that you are looking to invest in the stock market?

Are you finding that doing the essential research too time consuming?


You might want to consider a portfolio management company.


Share Portfolio management is an option for those with a high value portfolio of shares, or a large amount of capital to invest in shares and commodity futures. Portfolio managers have various minimum values that they require to actively manage your investments.


The reason large minimum values are in place is because of the high commission charges that these companies make. It would not be worth a small investor, with $10,000 employing a company to manage his portfolio of shares in one or two companies.


Having a professional Portfolio Manager does remove a lot of anxiety from the individual. The manager’s role is to ensure that your portfolio is a balanced one, without excess exposure to currency fluctuations or to any one sector of the market.


It is part of the managing company’s role to conduct research, so that they can advise you on the best options. Research is an area that many individual investors find difficult, unless they spend hours every day watching share prices. The professional advisor employs people to conduct research into specific companies or market sectors, allowing you access to better research than you would have otherwise.


Your Portfolio Manager will also ascertain the degree of risk that you are happy with and ensure that your portfolio of shares is not at odds with your risk acceptance.


For anyone with a smaller amount than a Portfolio Management Company will manage there are other options. Look at Investment Trusts and Unit Trusts. These are companies which take investors cash, pool it and buy a balanced portfolio of shares in stock market companies, reducing the investor’s overall risk.

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