My Little Online Experiment

So Christmas is now behind us and now it’s all about what you can accomplish in 2008. Personally I want to build a career in charity fund raising and I don’t mean standing in a shopping mall shaking a bucket to pull in a few pounds (or dollars). I’m thinking much bigger. I think the internet is vastly untapped as to it’s true fund raising potential. ‘Old School’ ways of thinking will have you believe that unless you’re a registered charity with a website you shouldn’t do it. Who made the rule that says you must give & get nothing in return apart from the knowledge that you just did a good deed. Money is just a tool invented by the human race to make life easier (if you have it). It’s not how much you’ve got but how you use it that matters. I just don’t think you have to be another Gandhi or Mother Teresa to do the right thing.


So here’s my little online experiment in helping people. It’s not about making me rich. It’s not about making you rich either but what if it could give you some cash you wouldn’t have otherwise had to give to your own favorite cause while helping me raise cash for my favorite cause?


Too me a forced matrix program script is just a tool to be used as a fancy calculator to sort out who gets what amount of cash. As a little online experiment on the internet, I want to build a mailing list of like minded people, the more on the list the better for everyone involved. Instead of using the script to give you an affiliate link to promote I want to just offer the list members the chance to get in at the top of the matrix each week. How can I do this? Simple! Just delete the scripts data base each weekend do it all again from scratch the following week, my little online experiment. So now I hear you all gasp ‘Arrrrr MLM scam!’ What a small minded person, not really capable of embracing change, this makes you! The matrix script is just a tool! It’s how you use it & what you do with any money you make that makes ALL the difference!


For almost a year now I’ve been figuring out how to create a way of self funding a fully legal, UK registered CAF Trust fund to create a gift that keeps on giving by donating the trust funds interest to charity supporting the victims of Dar fur. The big problem is what comes first? the chicken or the egg? By this I mean I’ve got to raise £10,000 minimum (about 22,000 USD) to setup the trust fund with. Sure having a trust fund in place already would give me a lot more credit to start with but well, I’m just not that rich and I’ve got bills to pay like everyone else.


Like I said before, it’s not what you’ve got but how you use it that defines who you are. So far it’s taken me 2 months to build a list of 60 people interested in how I want to do things, no where near enough yet. There’s just no point in starting to use the script before I’ve got at least 20,000 on the list.


There will always be power in numbers and thanks to the information now available to the public through the internet politicians have no choice but to take action on foreign policy. Don’t ever forget a politicians job is to sell themselves so they get elected and a pay packet out of all our taxes. Mostly they do this by offering what the majority wants them to do as an elected official.  In the mean time people die as the painfully slow ‘political dinosaur’s’ of the world come around and start to make changes. I have absolutely no interest in becoming a politician. What a frustrating waste of my time dealing with other politicians would be. I’d rather be out there on the ground seeing that aid is getting to those who need it.


Let’s face it, in the 21st century it’s just embarrassing that poverty still exists around the world. I want to do my bit to raise cash & help reduce that poverty. Food & medical aid still costs money, including getting it to where it’s needed.


To me there are 2 types of poverty. Third world poverty as above and what I call first world poverty. First world poverty is where you struggle to pay ever increasing mortgage costs or rent and basic utilities. This is becoming a bigger problem in our credit fueled western world lifestyle. It’s because of this that it’s time for a different type of fund raising program, one that aims to give some help to everyone. My little online experiment will do just that.  


That’s it, I’ve said my piece. You either get it or you don’t. The worlds getting ever more complicated. It’s time to keep it simple. generally you get more done that way. The basis of this article forms my website’s homepage and additional thought’s & ideas get added regularly.  If you would like to help out with my little online experiment in helping people please visit my site & sign up.


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