Make Meetings Easier And More Organized

Modern business takes teamwork. No one can do it alone. That’s why today’s corporate environments are designed to facilitate people working together. Computer networking helps bring employees into sync, but even more important is the sort of face time you can only get by meeting in person-provided meetings are run efficiently.


Anyone who’s ever put a meeting together knows just how time-consuming it can be. Whether it’s an everyday meeting or a large business event, productive meetings require planning and preparation. Here are some common dilemmas and their solutions:


Dilemma: You have lots of handouts that may get lost in the pile.

Solution: An easy way to organize meeting materials is to prepare binders with tab dividers for all participants. The divider tabs make it simple for everyone to follow along as the meeting goes from topic to topic. Use framed view binders for a polished look.


Dilemma: You want your meeting materials to have a cohesive look, but you’re not a graphic designer and there’s no budget to hire one.

Solution: Visit Avery’s Meetings and Events Solution Center. You’ll find themes and templates that you can use to design and print products that are just right for your event or meeting. From name badges and tent cards to binders and divider tabs, with just a few clicks you’ll be able to design and print a whole suite of products that have a coordinated look. There are step-by-step project ideas, expert tips and suggested products for a variety of different types of business and personal meetings and events. Plus, you’ll find advice and tips from professional meeting planners. It even includes meeting preparation timelines, checklists for planning meetings and step-by-step guides to preparing meeting materials.


Dilemma: You don’t know how to present some important information.

Solution: Don’t let important information get buried in a pre-sentation deck. Highlight these points on easel board-sized posters that bring them to life. Sign kits to create posters from an ordinary printer are available in office supply stores.

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