Love your coworkers

Friends ! this is another powerful tip for reducing tension and stress from life. We spend at least 8 hours daily at our workplace. And we have to work in collaboration with other people. These people are our coworkers. Our relation with them can make us tense and angry or it can make us calm and happy. It all depends on what kind of relation we have with them.  If you have a feeling of rivalry, jealousy and mistrust for them, you may find yourself surrounded by bitter critics who always thinks ill of you. However, if you have the feeling of compassion, love and cooperation for your coworker, you will meet with love, cooperation and friendliness. Frankly speaking we all are mirrors of each other. It all depends on you.


 Your coworkers work with you. Some of them may be very cooperative, kind hearted, jovial and happy goers. They will help you in whichever way they can. Whereas some of them may be  extremely indifferent, selfish and egoist who always think of ‘what’s in for me’ before extending any helping hand towards you. No matter which type of coworkers you have at your workplace, my advice is that  you should love your coworker and have a feeling of deep compassion for them. No matter how good or bad people are, the fact is that they, just like you, are human beings earning a living at the same place as you. All of them have a family to support, have other responsibilities and above all a life other than this job.  


While dealing with your coworker, have a feeling of compassion towards them and see them in broad perspective as human beings who just happens to be your coworker. Try to help them in solving their problems. Extend your helping hand in their hours of need. Being a student of meditation (which I hope you have learnt on this site), you should be aware that there is one non-dual reality – self that pervades the entire universe. Try to look every coworker of yours as one manifestation of that self. Have a feeling of compassion for all. You will be amazed to see the kind of positive feedback  you get from this. Some of the most important benefits you’ll draw from loving your coworkers are :


(1)   As you love them, they’ll love you too.


(2)   The feeling of enmity and peer- to- peer rivalry will vanish among you and your coworkers.


(3)   There will be less & less moments of stress & tension as everybody behaves amicably.


(4)   Many problems at the workplace will be solved easily and quickly when you and your coworkers work collectively in solving them.


(5)   The overall productivity of your workplace improve as everybody works happily in an amiable environment.


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