Leasing Virtual Employees

Business outsourcing is a widely known compelling strategic management option several companies are adopting nowadays. From small to large scale establishments, they have been using it to continually maintain their stable status in today’s overly competitive market. Its emerging power as a business tool is undoubted.


Offshore Outsourcing is a program in which non-core operations are delegated from a company’s internal unit to an overseas external supplier. This set-up enables you to focus on your business core competencies. Companies in various parts of the word deploy this program in the purpose of obtaining better profit margins and decreasing overhead costs.


Through the business outsourcing model, you’ll be relieved of the usual burdens accompanying the implementation of traditional recruitment processes and staff maintenance.


Having an  outsourcing company to rely on gives you the benefit of deferment from several human resources related fees such as non productive administrative costs, government taxes, levies, unemployment insurance costs, in-house training expenses, etc.


There would be no further need to worry about the equipments needed before an employee could begin. Every leased employee has their own table, comfortable working area, computer, efficient internet access, and everything they could possibly need. With just a go signal from you, they could begin right away.


Outsourcing offshore gives you an extended resource pool of skilled personnel. Moreover, you can take advantage of the value of less than par foreign currencies. You will only be paying us a fraction of the cost in comparison to the actual charges of using local manpower resources in your area.


This program enables your company to function more efficiently by having all manpower services you need without worrying about manpower related fees.


Employees’ regular in-house trainings and constant progress check are also conducted upon job placement to continually enhance their skills.


Prime Outsourcing, a trustworthy supplier of  and IT related outsourcing services, offers you the best cost and quality edge in today’s overly competitive market. Our company currently has a very stable and credible status in the industry, proving it worthy to invest your money and trust unto.


Our objective is to assist several local and multinational enterprises attain their full potential as well as increase their ability to compete.


Our company has the perfect Asian location- Manila, Philippines- the heart of the largest English speaking country in Asia. With this strategic location, you surely will be encountering no difficulties in communicating with our employees. Our people have excellent English verbal and written skills.


Our services have already been globally proven reliable and easily available. You definitely will experience no difficulties in choosing the best employee that will most certainly suit your needs and meet up with your qualifications. Our company features an integrated team of marketing and IT professionals who understand and practice the latest in Information technology. All of them are college graduates with several years of experience in their respective fields. These individuals exhibit professionalism, high competence, flexibility and dedication to excellence.


We will also take the responsibility of recruiting and sourcing highly qualified applicants, in accordance to the requirements that you had specified, that will comprise your staff overseas.

Every applicant undergoes intensive screening and rigorous training before being absorbed by the company. You will have only the best candidate in the market.


In short, we will be handling almost all of the routine maintenance and development tasks for you. Due to the improved organizational efficiency, you can now give your sole concentration to your company’s strategic growth and development.


We have two types of solutions that you could try, depending on the package that would suit your needs most.


The first one is the “dedicated staff package”. In this set-up, your leased employee will work for you full time- eight hours a day, six days a week, four weeks a month. There would be no need to worry about conflicting schedules since every employee is flexible to your prescribed time frame.


The other one is the “per project package”. Provide us the specific requirements then we’ll do the rest for you. We will be arriving at a fixed price after estimating the amount of time and resources involved in your project. Afterwards, a project plan would be presented to you for your approval.


These service packages are available in reasonably low prices, promising you of enormous savings without sacrificing quality.


Services and solutions offered by the company:

  • Data entry, processing and conversion
  • Data capture and image scanning
  • Forms processing services
  • Typing and word processing
  • Web research services
  • Online research, survey and catalogs
  • Medical transcription
  • Documents and record management
  • Programming
  • Creative writing
  • And much more!


Outsourcing human resources to us gives you all the cost, quality, and time advantages that only Prime Outsourcing could provide. Give us a try and experience our prime quality services. Here at Prime Outsourcing, our primary goal is to provide ultimate customer satisfaction.


You absolutely have high dreams for your company, come and make it happen with us!


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