Inventory Control: Can You Afford Not To?

Inventory control is the most basic form of protection that you should have in your retail establishment. If you have people come into your location, then you need to make sure they are not leaving with anything that they should not be. But, many business owners do not know the right way to handle inventory control. There are various methods that you can use and they all work well in their specialties. If you have had enough with shoplifting, employees stealing or other loss prevention issues, then it is time to consider a reliable inventory control system.


First, take a good look at your options. There are several options in front of you as well. For many, a simple security system of some sort can be installed. For others, you can count on using a security team. Regardless, there are many options out there that can help you with your inventory control issues. But, how will you choose the correct one for your specific needs? Here are some things that you need to consider.


  • While you will want to consider several systems, you’ll want to examine just how each one works. What is needed? What area is covered? How well does this type of system fit your specific location?


  • Next, consider the various problems that may happen with the inventory control system. Do you need monitoring by a person? Do they record-tape? Do they provide for some sort of alarm when something goes out of bounds?


  • Next, consider how difficult these will be to use for your employees.


  • Will it help in prevention of employee theft as well?


  • Lastly, you will want to consider the overall cost of the inventory control system as well as the amount of money that it can save you in the next year, five years, or thirty years down the road. Then, you will know which the best inventory control option for you is.

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