How Conveyor Belt Systems Can Support Your Business

Different businesses


A conveyor belt system is a continuous moving belt that carries materials or packages from one position to another. Belting system is used in conveyor transport systems such as moving sidewalks, escalators and on numerous manufacturing assembly lines.


Transport applications


Conveyor belts consist of two end pulleys and are typically suspended with a continuous loop of material that rotates about them. Conveyor belt systems are commonly used in an array of material transport applications such as food processing, manufacturing and heavy industries. They are widely used to transport industrial and agricultural materials such as coal, grain, ores, et cetera. Conveyors systems are also are used in self-unloading bulk freighters and live bottom trucks.


Cargo, boxes and piazzas belts


Conveyor belting system uses reciprocating planks to move cargo through the floor. In contrast is a roller conveyor system that uses a series of rotating rollers to convey boxes or pallets. A conveyor belts dimensions is flexible to match the user’s specifications or application requirements. The belt materials and pattern vary for specific uses such as bakery oven belts for pies and pizzas, roofing stones conveying, extracted gravel transport and so on. Conveyor belts are offered for a wide array of applications and transportation.


Commercial industries belts


Conveyor belts are more useful for commercial industries than for private purposes. These belts are designed in such a way that they solve a specific industry purpose. For instance, agricultural belting systems are basically designed for agricultural applications like transporting fodder and various farm equipments. While retail belting systems are used for transferring inventory. For heavy transport you need the construction conveyor belting system, which is designed for transporting and roofing heavy stones or plywood; and finally the forest conveyor belts are designed for carrying tree farms, logs and other related products.


Power transmission belts


The most popular conveyor belt system is the power transmission belt. This belt is designed and rated for use in power transmission applications like belting for power takeoffs, engine belts and industrial machinery. Power transmission belts are basically used to transfer heavy and bulky machines to the desired destination, and are made of a tough and strong material, that makes them able to carry heavy loads.


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