Have You Lost Your Focus?

I believe that one of the key causes of failure of online businesses in their first year is the lack of focus by the owner. There are literally so many things to do in the day that it’s hard to decide which one of the mile-long list is the best task to tackle first. Moreover, there are so many demands on our time that we’re forced to work a little on one project, move to another project and work on that, only to move to another project and work on that.


Nothing gets our full attention for a long period of time. The result is that our work suffers because we’re not giving it 100% effort. And, frankly, we don’t get nearly enough done because we’re switching from one task to another – and each task has its own paperwork, computer programs, thinking style, etc.


How can we correct this problem? It’s easy. First, recognize that there are two kinds of focus approaches. Then, realize that they are both appropriate for certain types of work.


The “shotgun” approach is the approach that most online business owners use right now for all of their work. Just like shot from a gun that scatters, you put out all kinds effort and expect some of it to be effective. There is nothing wrong with using this approach for non-essential tasks. But you can be even more effective at using the shotgun approach. Here’s how:


Schedule time to use the “shotgun approach.” Some people write it right into their weekly planner to schedule it. Decide to only approach your less important work with this method. Save your other work for the other type of focus approach. Decide what work is less important (for example, administrative work or reviewing marketing samples, etc.). Before starting, make sure you have all the materials you need to tackle all of the projects. Spread all of your projects out on the floor or a large table and begin working on them. When you reach a point where you are slowing down on one project, move on to the next. To help you stay the most effective, only do it for 50 minutes of each hour before taking a break.


The “laser focus” approach is needed for work that is more important. For example, if you sell digital products online, perhaps the programming or writing needs your attention, or maybe your sales literature needs to be reworked. This type of focus is where you center all of your attention, like a laser, on one project for a period of time. I recommend only 50 minutes of each hour so that you can take a break and become refreshed.


Approach this work with tireless effort and give it your full concentration. It’s hard to do because of so many distractions! In order to succeed at it, you should schedule it into your weekly planner or software planning tool. When the scheduled time approaches, make sure you have everything you need to get the job done and then do it. Turn off your phone, close your door, and get down to business.


When you use these approaches, you’ll notice a greater level of success in your online business.


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