Employee Recognition Awards Create Progress

In difficult situations, when companies are in crisis and can only be saved by major effort, group morale often rises to far higher levels than before. Individual objections and objectives are bypassed in the collective drive to do what must be done. This is where recognition awards take its importance. High group morale can enrich individual motivation and performance remarkably!


  1. Planned Awards:


  1. Recognition Awards


On its basic concept, recognition awards are effective ways of increasing and boosting a person’s morale. It encourages them to accept of and have a desire for change at all times. The change they will make is not entirely for the advantage of the company but to his or her own personal achievement as well. Basically, the common recognition awards given to an employee are based on the three categories of recognition. These can be planned, immediate, or formal. If a recognition award is set on a formal approach, the award should focus more on the employee’s exceptional contribution to the organization for a given year. Some of the examples of formal recognition awards are:


  1. Employee Service Award


This may refer to the remarkable service extended out by an employee. This means that he or she had taken responsibility of not only doing their assigned task but were able to complete other work that made the entire organization benefit from it.


  1. Customer Relations Employee Awards


This is to recognize people who constantly make effort in reaching out to the company’s most important asset the customers. And by merely providing them with exceptional customer service is good enough in such a way that the company is too grateful to just take it for granted.


  1. Retiree Recognition Award


This goes out to employees who gave almost half of their life serving the company, providing exceptional service, and undivided loyalty throughout the service period. On the other hand, if the recognition award is planned, meaning giving out these kinds of recognition awards are pre-set and the frequency of conducting them is on a routine basis, then it should be focused on simply recognizing an employees simple yet notable achievements or manifests a good area for advancement.


  1. Employee of the Month


This is given to employees who where noted to have done outstanding performance in a given month. This type of recognition award usually boosts the person’s morale in terms of emotional satisfaction and personal fulfilment. This, in turn, encourages and motivates them that if their colleague was able to achieve it, so can they.


  1. Best in Attendance


In order to motivate people to come to work on time and avoid habitual absences, this type of recognition award should be given. This, in turn, reflects the company’s value for the employee’s presence, that a day or even a fraction of missed work is detrimental to the entire organization’s development.


  1. Best in Customer Service


This type of recognition award is given to those who have exceptionally rendered customer service to their clients, thereby, motivating more people to opt for their services because of the kind of satisfaction they will get from the organization’s staff. In many cases, it is usually the customer service that keeps people from coming back to the company. And so, if carried out well by an employee, it is just right to acknowledge it. And last, if the recognition is based on immediate recognition, the recognition awards should reflect the urgent need to take note of a person’s commendable completion of a given task, in which, when done by anyone else may not have resulted as well.


  1. Unplanned Awards:


  1. Teamwork Effort


This type of recognition award is given to a group whose outstanding performance had contributed to the company’s growth.


  1. A special project award


This refers to the immediate completion of a special project which reaped good results. This recognition award is effective in motivating people that the earlier they complete their work at the same time maintain the quality of output, they will be rewarded.


  1. A simple employee appreciation


This type of recognition award is a simple way of uplifting the confidence and drive of the employee to continue and keep up the good work. The bottom line is that, if a company knows how to take car of its people by giving recognition award, the employees will take good care of the company in return.


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