Elements for success in team building event planning

The responsibility of organising team building events is a huge task for anyone. Everything has to be planned and implemented with sheer precision. In addition to that, team building objectives would need to be incorporated into most activities. This is why the goal of the event must first be identified prior to the planning process.


Once that’s done, it would be best to run a research on the various team building activities that will achieve the intended objectives of the organisation.

Your next step is to pick a venue that has the necessary facilities to run your team building activities.  It may be a good idea to go through the list of locations approved by your corporation before you start making enquiries. This way, you won’t waste any of your time considering venues that will not be accepted. You can also cross check with your colleagues for referrals, as they will possess first-hand experience on the service levels and facilities of the places that you are thinking about.


As a teambuilding event planner, one of your core responsibilities is to create a balance between meeting organisational objectives and boosting of employee morale. One of the ways to do this is to encourage interaction amongst participants, through the activities and games that will be implemented. Holistic participation would be your ultimate goal, which is why these games should be made appropriate for everyone.


Utilising activity evaluation models such as Kirkpatrick’s Learning Model will help you decide if an activity is enjoyable, educational, and applicable while improving performance. Depending on the event objective, there will be many activity options for you to choose from, such as ice-breaker exercises, leadership and management activities and observation and awareness exercises.


Finally, it’s good to make a last-minute list of the tasks that you need to sort out a few days before the event date. For instance, you may need to confirm the number of team building participants with the venue or resort and make a list of the equipment needed for the event.  Ultimately, precision in all of these details would be essential for your success as an event organizer.


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