Corporate awards 101

One universal and noteworthy characteristic of human beings is to seek accolades for their accomplishments. From childhood to maturity we are captivated by the lust for recognition in some form or the other especially for remarkable work (if any) done by us. Bearing this essential human feature in mind, Homo sapiens have invented diverse ways to compliment a person’s achievements.


Speech is a viable means to honor a person in our day-to-day life. But apart usual living in areas like corporate sector, words are not enough to regard an employee’s outstanding contribution; there ought to be something more to proclaim his attainment. For this, the corporate world relies largely on awards. An award is an ideal way to express the unspoken feelings of one and many other individuals towards its recipient. Since the corporate prizes are not mere an emblem of appreciation and gratitude but also an instrument to boost up one’s morale and trigger further progress, they should be perceivably exclusive or special. A paradigm case in point is awards made of crystal. Crystal has always served as a mark of opulence, purity and fineness. So, crystal awards too are immensely esteemed and hold a distinguished significance among the masses. A brand largely acclaimed in manufacturing of stupendous crystal prizes for a range of occasions is Crystal Occasion.


Crystal Occasion has blessed the business world with a spectrum of crystal corporate awards. These awards that are perfect substitutes of words and emotions, come for any and every corporate occasion. Each Crystal Occasion award piece is a magnum opus that is known for its excellent quality and bewitching design. These awards are presented at different junctures and serve a variety of purposes. For instance-


  • Presenting an individual the Crystal Occasion’s sober and beautiful Accolade Plate in order to acknowledge his striking potential, can be a life time memory for him.


  • The uniquely crafted Endeavor Award is enough to pronounce an employee’s terrific efforts or his successful enterprising qualities.


  • The Horizon Award is a model compliment for the adroit caliber that bags the credit of company’s scaling new heights. In other words the superb semi-circular translucent and stainless Horizon award is a complete symbol of acceptance and salutation to an individual’s annual performance.


  • The Crystal Occasion’s glistening rectangular Jade Crystal Plaque Award can be used to commence or strengthen the bond of friendship between two companies.


  • Similarly there are other bedazzling awards like Nova Award, Eclipse Award, Neopolitan Award, Regatta Award and so forth that stand as an epitome of reverence and recognition.


Apart from sustainable long-lasting quality, magnificent grace and exquisite appearance of Crystal Occasion products, what differentiate them from other crystal awards is their significantly low costs. In comparison to the expensive crystal items available in the market today, the Crystal Occasion awards are less pricey. This factor enables even the small-scale companies to celebrate with coveted Crystal Occasion awards. You can take a look at the myriad types of awards along with their details, place orders and make purchases online.


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