Color combination of your Web site

Before you begin to design the Web site give special attention to a proper color scheme. Though choosing a suitable color seems to be easy, it is hard to fix a proper color actually.

Web designers have got millions of colors with them. So they need not pay for their color choice. But what they require is the special hexadecimal code for the particular color of their choice.

One of the draw backs of having a collection of millions of colors is that some becomes crazy after different choices of colors and use more colors of their imagination on their web site. This is not a professional tendency, but rather it destroys the readability of the web pages.

It is important to pick hues that complement each other. Most people prefer black text on a white background and it is healthy too. This is an important fact to keep in mind when you design your web site. A dark font on a light background is recommendable and healthy. It makes reading easier and a more appreciative for the visitors.

Color affects our emotions. For example, the red color makes us hungry. If you’re on a diet, it wouldn’t be a good idea to set your table with a red tablecloth!

Colors like blue and green are cool. Sitting in a blue colored room on a summer time makes us refreshed. Yellow is a wonderful brightener. It is cheerful and warm like the sun.

You need to consider the mood you want to create on the audience when you use the colors on your web site.

Red is cheerful and exuberant. If you are designing a Web site for children, red is an excellent color choice, because it attracts the eye and stimulates the metabolism of the children.

Blue is an excellent choice for a business site because it exudes professionalism, wealth and power.

If you are designing a Web site for a nature group, green and brown are natural choices because these are the colors  that are commonly found in the outdoors.

Another important consideration when choosing color schemes is cultural differences. For example, black is the color most commonly associated with mourning in the United States, but in Japan, white symbolizes sorrow. In Malaysia, green is associated with disease, and red symbolizes anger in Indonesia. The above examples indicate us that colors are interpreted quite differently depending on the country. So you must be prudent enough in choosing the colors.

Choosing an appropriate color scheme for your Web site is extremely important. Your color scheme must be prudently considered because the wrong choices could adversely affect your visitor’s experience at your Web site. So don’t blow the chance to make a good impression.


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