The task of managing industries and businesses in the modern era is infinitely more complex than it was a few decades back. The large scale of operations, globalization, mass production environment and multiple units have all contributed to the complexity of business endeavors. Tools that help simplify the work environment are a boon in such a dynamic business situations.


Maintenance management is a very critical function of any industry and CMMS is recognized as a very efficient tool focused on maintenance management. Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) are computerized methods of controlling the planning of all tasks involved in maintaining a business facility. It involves preventive maintenance management software specially designed to manage a business’s building, systems and heavy equipment. CMMS usually consists of hardware and software components. The software enables an organization to schedule preventive maintenance tasks, automate and track parts and work orders and service requests.


There are many complex processes involved in the implementation of CMMS. A close look at the structure of a maintenance organization is needed to ensure the selection of a software package. Computerized maintenance nanagement systems are also called FAMS or facilities asset management systems. Most CMMS packages are web-based and can facilitate accessibility of the data from any part of the world.


Features provided in some of the latest CMMS packages help maintenance managers improve their efficiency. For instance, many have a software tool that enables users to submit work requests electronically via the network or the Internet is the ability to plan out logistics and deliver superlative service to the end user. With these tools, both users and maintenance personnel save time and effort over traditional means of requesting maintenance help. Maintenance managers are required to send reports to their top management on a regular basis in order to judge the quality and success of the maintenance departments. CMMS helps in completing these tasks in a time-effective manner. In addition to manufacturing and engineering organizations, the maintenance departments of schools, universities and hospitals have also recognized the benefits of CMMS.


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