Choosing The Right Uniform For Your Employees

If you are an employer or business owner and you need to choose a uniform for your employees, there are several factors you should consider before doing so. Since changing uniforms would be an expensive, time consuming hassle, you want to make sure to pick the best uniform when you start.


Of course, you also have the option of not choosing a uniform, but instituting dress code. For example, you might require employees in your IT department to wear blue jeans, a solid color T shirt, and their corporate ID tags. Or you could have a partial uniform – just the shirt, for example.


But the focus of this article is primarily helping you choose a uniform for your employees. Here are several factors that you should consider.


1 – Function

What do you need the uniform to accomplish? Is it for looks only, or does it need to have special functionality?


2 – Wearability

What kind of wear will your employees be putting on their uniforms? Be sure that the uniform you choose will hold up well under the conditions your employees will be working. For example, most military work/battledress uniforms are made of ripstop material so they will hold up to the abuse they receive on the job.


3 – Image

What image do you want your uniforms to convey? Think carefully about the message you want you uniforms to convey – professional? Tough? Ready for work? Sophisticated? Military? Ensure that the uniform you choose conveys the message you want.


4 – Washability

If at all possible, choose a uniform that is easily washed and cared for. Few things are more of a nuisance than clothes that are a pain to wash and dry. If possible, select a material that will not need to be ironed.


Keeping these factors in mind, you can choose a uniform that will make you, your employees, and your customers happy. Good luck!

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