Business Uniforms: Success Is In The Look

As they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This definitely applies to the required business uniforms of a company or money-making establishment. What the customer witnesses when they first walk through the doors of a retail store, bank, Real Estate office or print shop instantly instills an impression in their minds as to whether they want to patronize the business and/or become a regular customer. Nothing shouts customer service more than clean-cut professional-looking employees. Given this fact, it’s simply vital for business owners and supervisors to mandate superior business uniforms that clearly represent the demeanor and expectations of employee service.


For a corporation that provides sales or advisory services, selecting apparel that screams competent, experienced and efficient is an absolute must. While it may be less expensive for a business owner to simply provide their employees with an idea of the expected attire and leave the purchase up to them, ordering business uniforms from a respected provider is a more ideal endeavor.




Imagine that you have given your company employees the instruction to purchase tan pants and a green shirt for work. However, one of your employees may show up in teal-green top and brown trousers. It’s important to remember that everyone has their own interpretations of colors and designs, and leaving the business uniform choice up to the employee might result in mismatched clothing that exhibits personal comfort and style rather than professionalism. This is a sure-fire way to have a uniformed appearance on the sales floor or behind the desk fly out the window!


Also, once a certain look for employees is chosen, it is important for the supervisor or manager to keep a strict attitude on business uniform formalities. If one employee gets away with not wearing a tie for two or three days, others will follow their lead and use the excuse, “Well Joe didn’t wear his, why should I have to wear one?” Such conduct can lead to disregarding rules and an overall lackadaisical disposition among employees.


Choosing business uniforms for more relaxed and playful atmospheres such as a children’s play land, toy store or a merrymaking restaurant allows for more colorfully attractive and flashy attire to exhibit a lively atmosphere that will draw in kids or kids at heart. There is no end to the possibilities of these types of business uniforms. While each business uniform should be alike as to distinguish employees from patrons, allow for a little creative room for each employee. Opt for colorful Polos plastered with buttons, charms or logos ironed on the backs, character-themed ties, funny hats, decorated aprons, mismatched socks or funky (but non-slick) shoes. Projecting an exciting restaurant establishment or game room assures that, come Friday night, kids will be tugging their parent’s arms to eat or play at the “fun place”. There is one exception to the professional business uniform rule. If a non-profit organization is established to help the less-fortunate, it is still kosher to require volunteers to wear uniforms. However, if possible, tone down the “business” look of the attire, and adapt more casual business uniforms that don’t intimidate visitors who come for help by making volunteers seem unapproachable.


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