Top Filing Systems: Go Digital!

If you are one of those people who have ever accidentally lost or spent far too much time rifling through drawers for that particular file, you may be interested to know that modern technology can change your unorganized drawers full of paperwork into digital format, with many added benefits.


  1. The Benefits of Digital Format:


– Files are easily distributable

– Files are indexed perfectly and are incapable of going out of order

– Files are searchable

– Can be easily backed-up and restored


  1. How Can I Easily Convert All My Paperwork Into Digital Format?
  2. All you need is a good document management system that will ensure you have the luxury of finding the correct documents that you need in just a click of a button.


  1. What Is A Document Management System Exactly?
  2. You install an application to your personal computer that will give you the option to categorize your files according to their type as well as their contents. This will really make your recordkeeping a breeze.


  1. I Am Organized Enough Already, What Benefits Will This System Have For Me?
  2. Aside from being able to keep track of your electronic documents, you might as well take the time to scan your paper documents to your computer to have an electronic copy of them as well.


From scanning paper documents onto your computer, you can also retrieve various other electronic documents from the internet or from other people’s files (if your document management system is for a business where the system is shared by everyone in the office). Just simply use the drag and drop system for you to be able to put your electronic documents to its proper folder.


  1. Standard Edition


The doQuments Standard edition is meant for home and personal use. It is the simplest among the three document management formats and is a quick and effective solution for managing all your electronic and paper documents.

There is also the doQuments Professional edition which is a document management system that is meant for the upkeep of files in small scale businesses.


  1. Professional Edition


With this version you will now be able to do more things with your document management system. This document management system is faster and allows a larger database. It also contains a nifty feature called parameterized queries that ensures you can locate specific documents in just a few clicks.


  1. Enterprise Edition


Aside from combining the features of the professional edition, the enterprise edition also allows a web edition where you can connect the program directly to a server (a website or intranet system). Now you can access your data from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.


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