The Secret To Overcoming Resistance to Change

Mahatma Gandhi stated that no one can oppress you more than you oppress yourself.


I believe this to be true, especially when it comes to change.  I have witnessed people, putting up with horrible conditions rather than change. And so, it is no wonder it is considered one of the most difficult things to deal with for a business.


For many people, there is nothing more fearful.  They like the comfort zone of knowing exactly how everything works and knowing where they stand.


Many even resist promotion because of the unknown factor. They wonder if they will be able to do the job, whether or not they will understand what is required and whether they will be able to communicate it to others.


Many successful organizations put plans in place months in advance to help their people deal with change. They will take them step-by-step to explain what is happening and how it will affect them. They have them as part of the process and have generally had in place training and upgrading seminars and classes.


I have also seen the results where companies have held back the information and left the employees in the dark.  The fear of what might happen was generally worse than reality and production over all was adversely affected.


Helping your staff to grow and having them part of the process, not only helps them, but the success of the changes and the business overall.


It helps to have the staff understand that the problem with never wanting to change because of the fear stops them from advancing into their greatness.  Yes, greatness. <b>Marianne Williamson</b> said it best when she said that many people fear their greatness more then their inadequacies.


They fear whether they will be able to handle the responsibilities or being in the spot light. They think who am I to be great or talented. Well as Maryanne continues, who are you not to be, that it doesn’t do you or the world any good to play small.


Quite often with out us even realizing it, others are watching us to see how to act and be. If they see us hiding or acting like it is better to pretend to be untalented or afraid of growth and change, they will pick up on this and act accordingly.


When you shine your light and say it is ok to use your talents or make mistakes as long as you have tried your best, then you allow others to try also.


This is a great gift to give others, as change is a part of life.   The world revolves around change; it is the natural flow of life. All we have to do is look at nature with its every changing season or look at our selves and others as they grow throughout life.  


It is when we resist and fight it, that stress is built up and our health diminishes. We may even stop listening to others because we don’t want to hear about anything that is related to change.  

And, when we do not listen, it leaves us out of the loop, and away from valuable information that could ultimately help you understand the changes needed to do your job.  As well as safety issues, that may be a vital part of the job.


If you have been fighting change all of your life, you can start with baby steps and notice that in each step the fear of the change was much greater than the change it self.


I have heard countless times from people who have finally stepped into the change, “If only

I had done this sooner, I have missed out on so much by my resistance to change”


Whether the change is for your business or yourself, start with clear goals in mind. Write out why you want to make the changes. Then write out the benefits that will follow. Have them clearly posted to help you or your staff get through the bumps and adjustments and then celebrate the achievements. Everyone will be a winner in the end.

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