The Meeting Planner’s Online Advantage: The Trick That Doubles Client Satisfaction By Doing Less

We all know that communication is the most important component in any relationship; and that can be applied to business as well. The more timely the information provided to your clients, colleagues and suppliers; the smoother your event will run and the happier everyone involved in your event will be.


Think about it: if you had a vested interest in the success or operation of anything: a company, an event, or an investment and you didn’t have the proper information to make informed decisions about your involvement, you most likely wouldn’t stick around very long. You need to see accounting reports, you need to see registration reports, and you need to see return figures and projections.


And those involved in your event are no different.


For most meeting planners, this process of updating and informing stakeholders is a time-consuming process: collecting, organizing and tallying data and emailing or faxing everyone on a regular basis. In many cases, as the meeting planner gets busier, their reporting becomes less frequent, at the worst possible time. And then suppliers, colleagues, and clients don’t get informed in time.


Client Satisfaction and Event Success Are Being Affected if You Manually Run and Send any of the Following Reports:


* Attendee Reports

* Revenue Reports

* Account Receivable Reports

* Break-Out Session Reports

* Lodging & Travel Reports

* Shopping Cart Reports

* Dining Preference Reports

* Name Badge Output


The Trick

The trick is to make good use of a system that automatically provides web-access to these reports giving your clients, suppliers, and colleagues access to up-to-the-minute reports anytime they want, from anywhere in the world… without you having to lift a finger!


So you see, you save yourself time consuming reporting work, while your clients and colleagues receive more of the information they need.


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