Team Building – What Consultants don’t tell you

Team Building is about character – yours!  The plethora of information disseminated throughout the western world provides a smorgasbord of choices for business.


Theories are fine but I have found the practicalities another issue and so will you!


Team building takes work but the results are worth it. The essential ingredient is time and patience.


If you really want to build a team that will achieve outstanding results you can.


The Hype


Over the years team work has been the flavor of the day with many businesses spending considerable money in trying to achieve a positive and harmonious team structure.


Some have found the results they looked for but many have not. Consultants would have you believe that if you follow a set of principles or guidelines then it will all work out. Not so as you cannot put all human beings in a box and expect likeminded consistency.




Team building has a number of foundation building blocks that are essential for a team to function.


Commitment of the Manager or Owner


Some managers and owners get excited about team possibilities only to weary over time where the pressures of business and day to day life grind them down.


Your commitment by way of your action and time are critical to your team’s success.




It takes time to build teams. Trust and respect need to be earnt and there are no short cuts. Make a decision to pay the cost and demonstrate your commitment.




Life sometimes throws us a curve ball and not all of our plans go according to the script.


Make a commitment to be patient and as long as you see incremental progress realize progress is progress.


Celebrate Success and do not condemn failures


Learn to celebrate your successes as a team as you go along and learn from failure. Failure is a fantastic teacher if you look at it that way. If you own the business or are a manager realize that you are particularly under scrutiny of your team more so when failure occurs.


Your reaction to change and failure will ultimately determine the amount of buy in you achieve from your team.


Learn to Delegate


As business owners we are sometimes afraid to delegate. Start with small things and as your team gets confidence and does the right thing increase the responsibility.


Be quick to learn


Be quick to learn from each other. The most unlikely team member may be sitting on the very solution you have been looking for in your business.




Many managers and employees are terrible listeners. Learn to hear what people are really saying and don’t devalue their contributions.




It has been reported that children need 7 compliments to counteract 1 negative statement.


How much more important then is it to encourage your team. Anyone can condemn however a good manager and team member knows how to give genuine encouragement. Show genuine interest.


An Example


Before starting Biz Momentum I once took over an organisation that was almost beyond repair. By applying these principals by listening and resourcing employees I took the company from a damaging loss to a substantial profit within 1 year. This was a complex business with complex people and serious mistrust issues.


The cost to me was emotional commitment to change and to listen – it worked.


There is a price to pay for success and no short-cuts. The effort you put in will determine the results.

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