Team Building Event

Team building events are a great way to renew morale and enthusiasm at work, and bring everyone together for some constructive fun outside of the office. Team building activities are as varied as the individuals who participate in them, and can be adjusted easily to accommodate groups of different sizes, incorporate themes specific to your company, and more.


The primary purposes of team building events will also vary slightly depending on your circumstances and priorities, however in general they serve to reinforce the essential elements of good teamwork including:

building or repairing interpersonal relationships

trust and communication

uniting individuals who contribute different skills in working towards a common goal

having a clearly defined goal and plan for reaching it

problem solving and staying focused in the face of obstacles

functioning as part of a greater whole


While the fundamentals of team building are essential to achieving success, it is easy to lose sight of these principles as we go about our daily work routine. Team members may be at odds with one another, or unclear about their particular role within in the organization. For these reasons and more, it is important to periodically, if not regularly, take the time to remind everyone of your shared commitment and goals, the strategies you are implementing together in order to achieve those goals, and your current success rate.


By addressing these ongoing issues together you may be able to pinpoint specific areas to work on with an organizational consultant. However, organizing some team building events will help strengthen your team at a basic level, whether you choose to combine them with a more targeted problem solving approach, or not. Team building activities tend to concentrate on reviewing and practicing the elements of teamwork in ways that are fun, humorous and engaging, and therefore help dissipate tensions and stress from work, renew relationships, and remind everyone of what a great team they make. A combination of bonding exercises, opportunity to play, and participating in a group problem solving activity of some kind, a team building event offers a range of benefits.  


From helping to maintain a more harmonious work environment, to ensuring individuals are confident of their place within the organization, and improving productivity in general, investing in team building using the many creative approaches available is worthwhile for many reasons. It takes some work to ensure a team is functioning as a cohesive whole and achieving their full potential, both as individuals and together. Show your team you believe in their capabilities, taking steps to address problems and celebrate successes together. Take the time to make sure your team is capable of accomplishing all they can, and create a forward-thinking organization with a shared focus on future success.


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