Solid Time Management For Net Marketers

There are an endless number of ways an individual can get organized and make the most of their time. Here is the very simple method I use to keep my day to day efforts on track.


I have created a daily checklist that covers all my basic tasks. Here is my list, and a brief description of each component.


  1. Administrative Duties – First thing out of bed, I check all admin email accounts and respond to every message. This includes member/downline support, answering questions from prospects, confirming received payments, and any other vital correspondence that needs to be taken care of. I continue to check my email every hour throughout the day, so no response gets neglected.


  1. Promoting – The next thing I do is work my advertising strategy. This includes posting ads to safelists, surfing or buying credits at some of my favorite traffic exchanges, monitoring any pay per click or banner campaigns I have underway, and checking my tracking stats. I also try to spend a little time each day looking for new advertising options to test.


  1. Networking – Working my leads, participating in forums, swapping links, approaching new contacts; this is what it’s all about, right? I can’t allow myself to slip into robot mode, where I just sit and click all day. I have to spend time every day networking with other marketers. This is how I learn, grow, and profit from my efforts.


  1. Development – This component covers making improvements to my website, composing my newsletter, building new banners, writing new ad copy, etc.


  1. Reading – I spend at least 15 minutes per day reading. The goals here are education and inspiration. I might read a good javascript tutorial, or maybe just browse through a few marketing lessons. I feel it’s very important to learn a little something everyday, and to keep my mind in the proper state for successful marketing and living.


I make every effort to address each item on this list before the end of my workday. The feeling of productivity I have gained from this simple exercise is amazing. I still wish there was more time in a day, but at least I have a definite, realistic outline of what to strive for.


Spending a few minutes to come up with your own checklist would be time well spent. Give yourself a concrete idea of what needs to get done each day, and you will not only improve your results, you will gain peace of mind.


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